14 reasons why you should stop making excuses

14 reasons to stop making excuses.

I was walking down the road today and suddenly various images began to flash in my mind. I was remembering various excuses I had made in the past and the effects it had on me, colleagues, job, friends and family.

An excuse attempts to divert the attention from you and explain several reasons for not accomplishing or carrying out various tasks. It puts up a wall of defense for exhibiting particular behaviors such as failing to keep promises, quitting certain habits etc. Not too long ago I wrote on the subject of procrastination, its effects and ways to deal with it.

Excuses often affect our progress and personal development. We make excuses everyday; they vary from person to person and how I wish we recognized its huge impact.

Examples are:

  • I don’t have a job because I am not qualified, didn’t go to college; I’m not black, white, male, female.
  • I am not married because all men are jerks and women are possessive.
  • I don’t want to go to school or get educated because all the courses are difficult and I hardly understand what I’m being taught.
  • I can’t give up smoking alcohol, womanizing because I am completely addicted to it and can’t find any alternatives.
  • I can’t start saving little amounts of money in the bank because my salary is completely …..
  • I can’t find out my purpose because life is totally unfair.

The list is endless but it’s important to note: You shouldn’t confuse making excuses with having legitimate reasons.

You may have several reasons for not being successful, making progress and possibly assume the stance of being A VICTIM. It’s about time to ask why you make so many excuses. Why are you so comfortable in shelving responsibilities? Is the temporary relief worth it when compared to the stress, disdain, vote of no confidence that accompanies the trend of making several excuses?

Permit me to suggest the reasons for such which is; you feel it’s the simplest and easiest thing to do to avoid complexities or life and it’s challenges.

Here are 14 reasons why you should stop making excuses.

  • It obstructs your personal goals and tends to hide the obvious solutions to very important issues.
  • It prevents you from showing optimism when faced with difficult issues.
  • It allows make bad judgments and wrong choices
  • It creates a false sense of security and temporary relief from current or future challenges.
  • It prevents you from being responsible to various levels of authority and accountable for various actions taken.
  • Excuses are harmful because they prevent you from succeeding and halt your progress.
  • Excuses often made and repeated several times become a belief which eventually turns out to be a negative affirmation.
  • Excuses are a simple way of absolving ourselves of taking action. It’s easier to shift blames rather than face your fears or accept responsibility.
  • Making excuses will keep you from achieving your full potential and recognizing your skills and talents.
  • Constantly making excuses would allow people form a negative opinion and make faulty assumptions about you. When you decide to take action in a particular matter, people may not believe you based on their past experiences.
  • Making excuses breeds laziness and you don’t want to get trapped in that.
  • The habit of constantly making excuses makes you undependable, defensive and paranoid.
  • Making excuses will cause you to miss deadlines, targets and create dissatisfaction, the feeling of not being accomplished in all your endeavours.
  • Making excuses will allow you miss several opportunities and give someone else the ability to excel because you are not proactive.

In my next post I intend to write on several ways to deal with the habit of making excuses, in the meantime your comments, thoughts, ideas on reasons why we should stop making excuses would be appreciated.