Getting over a broken relationship – 50 best ways

This is the third series on ?Love Relationships? and the aim is to look at ways in which we can resolve or get over broken relationships.

A broken relationship is simply an end to a relationship based on love, trust, affection, friendship etc. It can happen to anyone, at any age with/without warning. It is not only tagged to spouses, marriages or engagements but also affects friends, families, work colleagues…..

This post will briefly address how it occurs and suggest 50 Ways To Get Over A Broken Relationship.

The following are causes of broken relationships:

  • Distance: This occurs when friends lose contact with each other and go in separate directions e.g. relocating to another country, town or city, going to different schools/colleges, jobs etc.
  • A change in circumstances and seasons
  • Lack of trust and disrespect.
  • Lying and cheating.
  • Break in communication.
  • Personal Issues.
  • Pride.

It?s important to note that are many other causes of broken relationships, but the post will be limited to this list.

In no particular order, here are 50 Ways To Get Over A Broken Relationship.

  • Time: It?s important you give yourself enough time to heal, get over the hurt, gain confidence and take off from where your life paused temporarily.
  • Find out who you really are, what your temperaments, likes or dislikes are. Be yourself; be authentic, be bold, be loving, be beautiful.
  • Don?t be hard on yourself: There is always a tendency for you to heap the causes of the strain in the relationship on yourself. Cut yourself some slack and be encouraged by things that give you meaning.
  • Accept past events, the changes/challenges associated with it. As painful as it is, the underlying factor is to build a level of tolerance & resistance to these situations.
  • Examine yourself: Could you be the one who has the problem? Is your character, behavior, or attitude questionable? Are you argumentative, bossy, overbearing? It may be worthwhile examining yourself inwardly.
  • Empower yourself by listening to, reading and watching positive media that will contribute to uplifting your spirits and strengthening you.
  • Avoid being alone: Spend a lot of time with other friends, family, colleagues….. They could serve as listening ears and provide all sorts of encouragement.
  • Get some rest. It would recharge your energy levels and ensure you put things in perspective.
  • Let go of your emotions constructively. Cry if it will make you feel better, take long walks. Don?t be embarrassed at it. Whatever you do, make sure it?s constructive and makes you feel better.
  • Endeavour to resolve every confrontation or argument that may stem from past relationships.
  • Rebuild your self esteem and self confidence.
  • Improve your physical appearance, dress sense and total physical outlook. Dress smartly, casually, elegantly….(I don?t subscribe to a provocative dress sense). It helps to boost your level of confidence.
  • Create a positive attitude around you and think positively about who you are. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Be careful of being taken for granted by anyone. It?s important you guard your self/heart to avoid being hurt again. There could be people (acquaintances, friends, ex?s (YES!!!), colleagues…) wanting to take advantage of your current situation for their own selfish gains or pleasure.
  • Apologize even if you don?t feel you?re directly at fault. It is a wonderful healing process giving you peace of mind, bringing comfort and relief to both parties concerned.
  • Forgive: Forgive yourself. Don?t feel stupid or worthless at the current situation. Learn to forgive the other parties involved. Set them free!!!
  • Be optimistic: Show a bit of optimism in your daily living, trying as much as possible to put the past behind you.
  • Don?t cultivate the habit of eating too much in order to drive away painful memories or give you comfort.
  • Don?t turn to alcohol or drugs as a quick route to escape from the hurt or drown your sorrows. The pain will still be there in the morning along with a hangover!
  • Know what you want from a new relationship or friendship.
  • Stop living in self denial. There would be fond memories of the past but you?ve got to MOVE ON!!!!!
  • Stop over analyzing several issues, actions, movements, behaviors that occurred in the past.
  • Watch what you say: Be careful not to say or get into too many conversations that will bring up the past events relating to betrayal and dishonesty.
  • Condition your thoughts: Most times, you can?t face challenges because you are drowned in negative thoughts. If you approach the past with pessimism, there is a possibility of making wrong decisions arriving at erroneous judgements.
  • Be secured: Be secured in who, what and whom you are. Learn to deal with all your insecurities.
  • Deal with all forms guilt.
  • Always think of what is best for you as you move on to conquering the hurts of the relationship.
  • Be careful not to rush into developing new relationships either by forming new friendships or dating quickly.
  • Don?t play the blame game; finding faults or apportioning blames to various people, friends, families, ex?s…….
  • Keep your distance. It gives you enough time to pull your thoughts together.
  • Think Of The Future: Let your thoughts of the future be memorable, motivating and encouraging. Work towards the picture you?ve set for yourself.
  • Face your fears knowing, it only becomes a problem, when you can?t stand up to the pressures that come your way.
  • Learn to communicate your intentions, messages, mission, purpose etc.properly.
  • Start dating and making new friends again. This contradicts what was mentioned above. The tip in context; you shouldn?t deprive yourself of the benefits of seeing someone else at the appropriate time.
  • Learn to love again remembering not everyone will act like your ex, friend, colleague etc.
  • Don?t act desperate giving in to anyone who just comes your way or appears to be nice.
  • Take one day a step at a time making sure each day is a filled with various accomplishments.
  • Stop worrying and making all kinds of unnecessary assumptions. It reduces your level of anxiety.
  • Get a new focus.
  • Spoil yourself: Get a massage. Pamper yourself in the bath with oils, soothing music and skin moisturizers.
  • Celebrate Your Progress: Be happy when you make progress/changes in any sphere of your life using it as a stimulus to building new relationships.
  • Be Patient: Being patient allows you handle various situations with confidence and assurance knowing a solution definitely exists in any circumstance.
  • Spend money wisely: There is a tendency to spend carelessly to get rid of the pain experienced such as going for expensive holidays, purchasing unnecessary or unwanted items etc. The relief is temporary but you would be left repaying the debts when you come back to your senses.
  • Learn from the experience: The sole purpose of every experience is to make you a better person who can confidently face whatever life has to offer.
  • Improve yourself at the slightest opportunity you have. Your capacity to build new relationships will depend on your personal drive to take each opportunity as stepping stones.
  • Discuss your fears: Through building positive relationships, learn to share your fears with friends and family. It could boost your self esteem through learning from the experiences of others.
  • Seek Profession Help: Where/When necessary, the services of a counsellor, psychotherapist, may be employed.
  • Start out a new hobby. Try out things you?ve never done before. It will help fill those lonely times.
  • Exercise: It is important you stay in good shape by exercising as often as you can. Apart from the healthy benefits, a lot of people feel unattractive, insecure and less confident when they are out of shape.
  • Set Goals: Be determined to come out of the broken relationship strong with new ideals, strength and character.