How to have a good time everyday

50 Ways To Have A Good Time

In the words of Kool And The Gang, Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!!! or if you fancy a little bit of Queen (the music group), then it?s Don?t stop me now, cuz I?m having a good time……. Go on, I know you want to dance.

Okay, let?s get a bit serious.

This post was inspired by an article ?Do you really stop feeling young at 35 and start feeling old at 58?? published in The Daily Mail.

According to the European Social Survey, Britons believe that old age begins at 58 and you stop feeling young at 35. I’m glad I’ve got a few years remaining to feel young and approximately three decades before feeling old( according to the survey).

Although it’s worth mentioning, a small patch of hair fell off my head a few days ago and it appears my worst nightmare of becoming bald is now a reality lol!!! It’s not that bad because a report ‘Baldness ‘could be good for your health’ say scientists.’ was published on the BBC website yesterday.

My approach or response to the question do you really stop feeling….., is; ensure you have a good time in everything or anything you do.

Being youthful is a thing of the mind and there is absolutely nothing wrong in having a good time at any age.

The aim of this post is to suggest a few ways of having a good time and also list it’s benefits.

In no particular order based on a compilation of suggestions from friends at work, here are 50 Ways To Have A Good Time.

  • Spend time with your family and friends.
  • Spoil yourself occasionally ( but with a bit of common sense)
  • Go shopping (Did I hear the ladies say yesssssss!!!)
  • Read a good book
  • Watch a good film
  • Play fun games i.e. video, computer, board, card games.
  • Get involved with art.
  • Give your home a complete make over.
  • Get a complete make over.
  • Get involved with DIY. Build, fix or repair something.
  • Take part in a charitable event e.g. Sport relief,
  • Take a trip somewhere. Visit a different country (if you can afford it), a different city, go camping, climb mountains….
  • Go for a swim.
  • Soak yourself in a bath tub with soothing oils, fragrances and glass of wine.
  • Get a pet and don?t ignore it
  • Go out for a drink/dinner with friends and family.
  • Have a pillow fight.
  • Cook a delicious meal
  • Join a sports club, gym….
  • Visit the museum
  • Visit the zoo.
  • Get tickets to watch a live band, singer or comedian, perform at a concert or show.
  • Have a party.
  • Go dancing. I find salsa amazing.
  • Set a new record.(it may be a world record, you never know)
  • Fly on plane
  • Do some house chores, clear out the garage, bedrooms, store rooms…
  • Climb a hill or mountain
  • Test drive cars and feel the buzz
  • Get involved with voluntary work e.g. Youth work, mentoring or befriending people……
  • Have a romantic evening or go on a date with someone you’ve been checking out.
  • Go fishing.
  • Get on a roller coaster
  • Watch a football match live!!!
  • Have some ice cream, chocolates, cakes in reasonable quantities
  • Get some sleep
  • Eat in bed.
  • Have an adventure.
  • Go for picnics.
  • Browse the internet
  • Ride a horse
  • Go sky diving
  • Star gaze. Stare into the sky and just watch the stars.
  • Exercise
  • Make prank calls to your best friends
  • Scream occasionally.
  • Meet people, Mix with the ladies and vice versa
  • Participate in a competition.
  • Go to a theme park.
  • Take pictures of yourself, surroundings and nature

The list is endless……………

The benefits of having fun are as follows:

  • It reduces stress
  • It allows you relax.
  • It gives you the opportunity to make friends and build positive relationships.
  • It forms stronger bonds with members of the family.
  • It makes you happy.
  • It enhances optimism.
  • It develops your confidence and boosts your esteem.

Once again the aim of this post is to suggest various ways to have a good time and find out what age you stop feeling young and start feeling old?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.