The best 6 ways of feeling happy

6 Ways To Feel Happy

Dit has been studying personal development for over 10 years. He coaches people on how to achieve their goals, think positively, and have healthy relationships.

?Nothing has to happen for me to feel good!  I feel good because I’m alive!  Life is a gift, and I revel in it.?  ~ Tony Robbins

You probably know that your health gets affected by your thoughts and emotions.  If you control your thoughts, then you can control your emotions and start feeling happier and healthier.

1.  Expect the positive

In 80% of the situations, the sad individual focuses on the negative aspect of situations and circumstances, whereas the happy person focuses on the positive.

For example, if you greet your boss and he doesn?t answer, what do you think to yourself?  Do you say to yourself ?He is upset at something that I did?? or ?It looks like he is busy and didn?t hear what I said??

Remember every situation in life has at least one positive interpretation and one negative, so always make sure you choose the positive interpretation and always expect to get the best.

2.  Treat others politely

Research shows that people who are happy usually treat others in a polite and kind way.  This of course doesn?t mean that you say ?yes? to everybody?s request and avoid saying your honest opinions.  However, simple acts like smiling at someone while passing, helping an elderly woman with her groceries, complimenting your friends are all acts of politeness that help create positive energy in the environment and add to your happiness.

3.  Examine situations

When a person with a negative behavior experiences an event that is not acceptable for him, he doesn?t ask himself for the reason.  Instead, he says something like ?This always happens to me.?  The happy individual on the contrary, tries to examine the causes for the problem and tries to learn from the situation and event.

4.  Dwell on the positive

We all go through similar experiences, some are positive and some are negative.  However, the sad person usually spends countless of hours dwelling on the problems and the sad events he experienced instead of the happy moments in life.  Instead of dwelling on the negative events, focus on the positive.

5.  Surround yourself with happy people

There is no doubt that the people you associate with have a big impact on your thoughts and emotions.  If your friends are happy, optimistic, and positive, then the chances are you will be like them.

Find 5 people that you enjoy being with who are optimistic and happy.  Spend as much time with them as possible, so you get affected by their positivity.

Happy people are always smiling at that atmosphere rubs off on others too. One thing that I’ve noticed is that they all seem to have the perfect smile. Fabulously straight teeth, bright white and no gaps.

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6.  Count your blessings

Happy people look for happiness every where they go and thank God for all the blessings that they have in life.  Take 5 minutes every day to meditate and think about the blessings that God has given you.

Being thankful to God and having gratitude gives you peace of mind and helps you to overcome worry and stress, hence it adds to your happiness.