18 ways of reducing stress

We all know how bad stress can be for our health and how it prevents us from living fulfilled/happy  lives, yet most of us don’t take notice of it, because it’s become the norm.

While there are no methods or programs to completely eradicate stress from our lives, there are a few suggestions which contribute to reducing its effects. Find out how you can motivate yourself.

In no particular order they are as follows:

Get rid of external stressors

External stressors can be in the form of noisy surroundings, uncomfortable chairs, inadequate lightings, poor ventilation or even an irritating feeling such as hunger or thirst… and if you don’t alter, adjust or in some cases adapt to these factors, they will certainly add to your already existing stress levels.

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Do the shorter tasks first

At times starting with longer tasks could take up much time leaving you worried about a huge backlog whereas if you started with the shorter and simpler ones, you will discover they get done quickly and you are able to focus on the difficult ones without having too much in mind.

Wake up early

Usually stress arises when you find yourself burdened with many tasks and not having adequate time to finish them. Waking up early and starting your tasks right away will contribute to reducing your stress levels. Find out more.

Take short breaks

A five minute break each hour won’t just boost your mood, but it will help reduce the amount of stress you may be experiencing. See the benefits of being happy.

Avoid thinking about work or major problems during this break.  After all, your intention is to free your mind.

Control your breath

When you become stressed, your rate of deep breaths reduces thus allowing less oxygen enter the brain which in turn increases the amount of stress thus creating a never ending loop or cycle. Whenever you become stressed out, focus on your breathing rate and try to make it deep as you can.

Relax your muscles

Stress and all other emotions are feelings we get when our muscles become tensed up in a certain way. Whenever you become stressed, close your eyes and visualize your muscles relaxing, this would ease the amount of tension placed on your muscles and in turn reduce stress.

Stop being indifferent

Most of us get so used to stress that we don’t notice its warning signs. This is a serious issue because although we don’t take notice of it, its effects are damaging especially to our internal organs.

Pay attention to stress and become aware of it so that you can make combating it, a part of your life style.

Please get in touch with us to send in your own tips on becoming stress free.