78 relationship tips!

70 Love Relationship Tips

This is a response to the question asked by a reader of this blog.

Am I qualified to write on such topics? Errr!!! Yes!!! I?ve known my wife for 11years (been married for 4 years, dated for 7 years), but I must state clearly, ?I am not the perfect husband or father to my children, but I do my best each day to support them at all times.?

A quick reminder, there are other  posts on this blog such as 50 Ways To Get Over A Broken Relationship and Resolving Difficulties In Relationships that would equip you, should you find yourself in those circumstances.


This is an association or connection existing between two or more individuals. People involved in relationships tend to influence each other positively or negatively, share their thoughts or feelings, and engage in several activities together.

The 3rd stage of Levingers Relationship Theory states, after initial attraction and revelation of who you are, there is a tendency to make long term commitments which leads to various life long stable relationships.

This post attempts to suggest various tips that may prove useful in developing your love relationships.

In no particular order, here are a few tips to enhance your love relationships:

  • Be Yourself!!! I am beginning to sound like a broken record because I keep emphasizing on this point. In relationships it?s extremely important for you to be yourself. You are who you are and you?ve got to be accepted and respected for that.
  • Go into a relationship with your EYES open, using your head first followed by your heart. (This is controversial but I totally subscribe to this school of thought)
  • Remind yourselves of the love you share by VERBALIZING IT. It?s not difficult, say it ?I love you? and don?t get fed up of saying it.
  • Be authentic in your relationship.
  • Show interest in each other.
  • Show optimism in your relationships.
  • Appreciate who you are and value who your partner is.
  • Be open to change.
  • Know and understand each other.
  • Have realistic goals and aspirations in your relationships.
  • Think positively and highly of each other.
  • Appreciate each other and understand the different roles you have to play.
  • Do things and grow together. It?s amazing the level of positive impact this has on your relationships.
  • Be comfortable around each other and enjoy one another?s company.
  • Experience happiness and joy together.
  • Be responsible for and accountable to each other.
  • Be faithful and committed to one another.
  • Express your needs to each other.
  • Learn to build up trust for each other.
  • Learn new things together.
  • Suffer together.
  • Be an open book easy to read and decipher.
  • Give each other positive compliments.
  • Have fun together.
  • Express your feelings, emotions, anxiety, anger?. WITH A BIT OF COMMON SENSE.
  • Resolve conflicts amicably.
  • Admit when you are wrong and apologize immediately.
  • Avoid holding grudges against one another and forgive when wronged.
  • Avoid making comparisons with other people you know.
  • Avoid talking about previous relationships or ex?s and if you have to, make sure you round up such discussions emphasizing your love for each other.
  • Never go to bed with a hot head. Learn to talk things over.
  • Don’t fly  into a rage of anger or jealousy.
  • Spend quality time together
  • Master the art of listening to each other.
  • Always stay attracted to each other, if you are putting on weight run down to the gym immediately!!!!
  • Don?t bottle things up.
  • Quarrel a bit. (Hmmh!!!! Slightly controversial)
  • Plan your finances together. Make a budget of your household expenses, shopping, bills …. (Be open to discussing issues pertaining to money)
  • Be proud of the love you share. Develop the habit of talking about each other BRIEFLY to friends, family, colleagues etc where necessary. This leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people.
  • Fulfil your responsibilities and obligations.
  • Respond to various issues with great care and warmth.
  • Celebrate your interests, hobbies, similarities together.
  • Go out, shop, cook, ?. Together!!!!
  • Spring up lovely surprises.
  • You don?t have to agree with everything said, requested or presented to you. Always scrutinize it and let your other half know why you feel uncomfortable/undecided about certain issues.
  • Develop the habit of loving selflessly.
  • Learn to sacrifice all you can for one another (your time, money, desires?)
  • Have no secrets (I know this is controversial)
  • Plan/Start a family together.
  • Plan your future together.
  • Have you got children? Be part of their lives!!!!
  • Don?t forget memorable dates/days.
  • Don?t forget to touch at the slightest opportunity EVERY DAY. Go on, give warm hugs, cuddles, squeezes?..
  • Talk about your day to each other.
  • Call or send text messages to one another while at work, on a trip or??.
  • For heavens sake show some romance in your relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don?t be so boring.
  • Always play with each other.
  • Pray together
  • Flirt as much as you can.(Yessssssssssss)
  • Get involved with friends and families. This is important because you can?t exist in isolation and you need some form of support when you go through difficult seasons in the relationship.
  • Be patient with one another and give room to voicing your opinions and worries.
  • Be honest with each other
  • Show loyalty to one another.
  • Understand the various body languages expressed.
  • Show some empathy in your discussions.
  • Spice up your love and sex life within common and agreeable grounds
  • Laugh a lot at/with each other.
  • Develop/Improve/Increase your level of communicating with each other. This is absolutely necessary. Have you tried sign language???
  • Respect each others values, beliefs, morals, conduct???
  • Try as much as you can to keep to your words or promises.

It would be great to note your tips or suggestions on how to manage your love relationships.