How to build a healthy relationship

A Few Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship



Building healthy relationships is the key to having a happy and rewarding life experience. There are a number of factors that go into building happy, healthy relationships.

Here are a few tips on how to build a healthy relationship:

  1. Communication– Actively stating your needs and establishing common ground is important. Not that you have to be completely transparent, but being able to talk with someone in a relationship is very important in having a healthy relationship. Keeping things bottled up on the inside will result in some resentful feelings and making all intentions known keeps the air clear.
  2. Tell the truth– Telling the truth is always important, it takes only a few lies before a person will start to distrust you. Telling the truth can build a lot of trust and eventually people will really grow to like you. Trust is very important for a healthy relationship.
  3. Forgiveness– Don?t keep score in a relationship, by forgiving a friend or partner you will never hold secret grudges against them. Make sure that if something has offended you that it is known, but also do not try and seek revenge or hold a grudge against them for it.
  4. Show appreciation for yourself and others– Building a healthy relationship comes with recognizing good qualities that you admire in people. In order to be liked by others it is also important to be confident and know that you have admirable qualities worth appreciating as well. Something as simple as a compliment can help make a healthy relationship.
  5. Know when you are wrong- There is nothing worse than not knowing when to apologise. If you think you have offended someone make sure to apologise, showing someone you care enough to apologise will allow them to feel appreciated.
  6. Support– Supporting others, regardless of the nature of the relationship i.e. intimate or a friendship, is very important. Backing someone up or supporting their ideas will show them you are on their side. Being a supporter in a relationship means it?s not always about you, and that you will always be there for the other.
  7. Make time for the relationship– Life is busy, but it is easy to lose track of time to make with friends or a significant other. For a healthy relationship to remain healthy, you have to set aside time to be with the people you care about and to work on that relationship.
  8. Find a way to agree– Working out your differences is sometimes difficult, finding a way to agree is very important. Talking an issue out is very important, although your opinions may differ, there is no reason why two people can?t come to a civil agreement on something to further a relationship.
  9. Sharing Humor– Laughing and enjoying yourself is one of the best ways to bond with someone. If you can sit down and watch a comedy film, or share a funny experience a relationship is bound to grow.
  10. Take time to listen– It is sometimes important to just sit back and let someone vent. It is important to listen and hear someone out, acting as a sounding board can really help a friend or romantic partner out.
  11. Show restraint- Sometimes people are quick to lash out in anger; holding back and keeping anything that might endanger your relationship on the inside, is very important. Many relationships have been crippled by one bad fight
  12. Try and understand where the other person is coming from– You are bound to make relationships with people who are quite different from you. It is important to remember some subjects that may be touchy with that person or certain things that may annoy them. Keeping away from these taboos can build healthy relationships.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.