Enhance your smile and smile bright with dental veneers

Transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry

Are you self conscious about your smile? Do you have teeth that are permanently stained, uneven, worn down or chipped make you feel less confident and wide your smile?

An inexpensive and a quick solution to create a uniform, bright and a beautiful smile are laminates and veneers. These are amongst the recent developments of cosmetic dentistry also known as dental veneers. Click here for dental treatments in the Bishop’s Stortford area.

Dental veneers are very thin and small custom-designed “shelves”. They are bonded over the external surface of the tooth. Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain and chosen to match the patient natural tooth colour.

They are a solution for teeth which are deeply discoloured, chipped, or have an irregular shape or uneven surface. They can sometimes correct spacing or uneven tooth alignment.

The patient must be aware that it is an irreversible process as it requires an invasive tooth preparation: the dentist will file the teeth to place the porcelain veneers over the top.

What are the uses of veneers?

If fitted correctly, veneers can change the shape and form of your teeth. Veneers are most commonly used in this form when teeth are too small or are malformed during growth. Over time, teeth can also ware down, making veneers a great option. Visit this website to see more uses for veneers.

A veneer can also protect the front teeth from damage such as erosion or being hit with small forces in the teeth.

In addition, they have the ability to cosmetically transform discoloured teeth as veneers are white.  

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