Exposing simple body language

Simple Body Language Signs Exposed.


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**Please note: the context of this post, isn?t  applicable to everyone but it?s worth reading and all comments or suggestions are welcome.

I am starting a series on Body Language that would run at least once a week for the next four weeks. It?s centred on the study of The New Psychology Of Body Language by Geoffrey Beattie and Understanding Body Language by Richard Thompson (to mention a few).

What is Body Language?

Michael Argyle and Peter Trower state humans express themselves in 2 distinct forms (a) language (through the use of words) and (b) non verbal communication.

Body language is a form of non verbal communication which is expressed through body pose, gestures, eye movements, hand signals etc.

The benefits of body language are as follows:

  • It aids constructive interaction with people
  • It helps in convincing others to accept what you say.
  • It could prevent misunderstandings.
  • It increases your chances of dating people and building relationships.
  • It helps understand our feelings and acknowledge the feelings of others.

The aim of this post is to highlight (expose laugh!!) simple body language signs that represent certain behaviours, character, attitudes you exhibit in our daily lives. The following body language signs are based on the feedback from questionnaires filled out by friends identifying those signs common to them.

(Self Esteem/Confidence) Body Language Signs

  • Hands behind the back show you are confident, relaxed, appear to know what you are talking about, a bit authoritative, powerful and comfortable.
  • Head lowered indicates low self confidence, guilt and acceptance of defeat.
  • Running fingers through hair could mean you are showing confidence in your looks, trying to gain attention or is visibly frustrated at certain events happening at that time.
  • A smart or brisk walk with an upright posture could indicate a healthy level of self esteem and confidence.
  • Constant pulling, scratching or patting down the hair shows low self confidence and insecurity.
  • Avoiding eye contact displays lack of confidence, fear, guilt and in exceptional cases it could be a sign of submission if the eyes are lowered.
  • Continuous blinking of the eye indicates nervousness.

(Thinking/Decision Making) Body Language Signs

  • Stroking the chin could mean you are about to make a decision.
  • Hands on the cheek connote thinking.
  • Looking directly upwards or hands on the forehead shows you are thinking deeply.
  • Looking upwards and to the right indicates you are trying hard to remember something.

(Showing Interest) Body Language Signs

  • A tilted head (sometimes backwards) indicates you are showing keen interest in something occurring at that time. It could be a particular topic, movie, discussion, person etc.
  • Stroking the front of the neck could mean showing concern for what someone else is saying.
  • Nodding casually and occasionally indicates you are listening and is interested in what?s been said.
  • A bright or widening eye shows a high level of interest in what?s been said or discussed.

(Not Interested) Body Language Signs

  • Eyes roaming all over the place implies you?ve lost interest, is bored and not listening.
  • Excessive nodding gives the impression you?ve lost interest and would just want to end the conversation.
  • Tugging the ear means you are undecided.
  • Rubbing the nose shows you don?t agree with what is being said and doubts the concept of the discussion.
  • Kicking lightly or tapping your foot suggests you are completely bored and you?ve exhausted all your patience.

(Irritation) Body Language Signs

  • A break in eye contact could mean you feel threatened, insulted, irritated or your lies have been exposed.
  • Quick glances into space during a conversation could mean you were irritated by the last statement made.

(Gossip) Body Language Signs

  • Eyes moving from side to side during a conversation could suggest other people shouldn?t hear or get involved in your discussion, gossip and slander.
  • Once again, a bright or widening eye shows could show a high level of interest in the discussion (gossip).
  • Touching or pulling the ear indicates you are possibly lying about someone or something.

(Being Open) Body Language Signs

  • Open arms indicates you are approachable, love, show warmth, give affection, is friendly etc.
  • Palms touching the chest could imply your honesty.
  • Upward hand gestures expresses and open and positive message.
  • Smiling also shows you are comfortable, warm, friendly, easy going etc.

(Anxiety) Body Language Signs.

  • Sweaty palms in some cases reflect anxiety.
  • Fingers crossed could signify hope or a bit of anxiety
  • Clearing the throat or swallowing air could mean a display of anxiety.
  • Tapping or drumming fingers shows impatience and frustration.
  • Biting your fingernails (not the bad habit) indicates nervousness and anxiety.
  • Fiddling with all kinds of items within your reach could mean you are anxious, bored, nervous etc.

(Possible Flirting) Body Language Signs

  • Sizing up a person from head to toe could mean you are ?checking them out?.
  • Eyebrows rising and falling means you are attracted to the person you are looking at.
  • Smiling also depicts you are pleased to see the person.
  • Stealing glances or a continuous gaze at someone suggests you have a desire to know that person.
  • Chest up and forward in men symbolizes a show of strength and for women it could be seen as a provocative romantic display.
  • Hips pushed forward while leaning back is a provocative and suggestive gesture.
  • Fixing collars, pulling up socks, hands in pockets are a few ways the male ego manifests.

There are more examples but it would be limited to these ones today. In the mean time, can you relate to any or all of the body language signs above? There are so many other body language signs exclusive to each of us. Do you have any more suggestions?