The Benefits Of Socialising


Do you spend so much time sitting on the sofa interacting with people online through the use of social media (facebook, skype, twitter) or are you a party animal who likes to party hard!!(I’m just being nosy lol!!)

The Daily Mail published a survey carried out for an online casino; stating millions of Britons have given up on actual socialising in favour of ?sofalising.? It claims the average Briton spends 4.6 hours a week talking to friends online compared with six hours in person.

While I?m a bit cautious about the statistics and research, this post doesn’t distinguish what way or manner you socialise but it attempts to highlight the importance of socialising.

The Free Online Dictionary defines socialising as a form of interaction with individuals and a frequent participation in several social activities. It’s simply associating or mingling with people socially.

While sofalising is simply staying at home and talking to loved ones via electronic devices rather than in person.

This mode of interaction involves: email, text, instant messenger, twitter, skype, wall posts or status updates on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo……..

The statistics of the people polled with reference to the primary means of contact with friends and family show:

  • 71 percent of adults said they use text
  • 31 percent social networking sites
  • 27 percent email
  • 18 percent use live chat or instant messaging
  • At weekends, 11 percent still choose to stay in and talk online instead.
  • Extreme sofalisers spend 25 hours or more each week talking to friends via electronic devices.

Talk about The Power Of Socialising.

Are you trying to guess what category I fall into? Don?t hold your breath, because I?m not telling lol!!! but I have met wonderful people online and offline.

Once again the aim of this post is to highlight the benefits and importance of socialising:

They are as follows:

  • It gives you so much fun and enjoyment.
  • It allows you connect and interact with people with a view to forming or establishing various social networks.
  • It aids in reducing the level of stress experienced in your daily activities.
  • It builds constructive and positive relationships as a result of the networks formed.
  • It lifts your mood and you receive so much encouragement from friends/family when you go through difficult moments.
  • It provides the opportunity for you to explore new areas, such as different personalities, mannerisms etc.
  • Socialising also improves your personal growth and development.
  • According to Bupa(2006), socialising with friends and family can reduce the risk of Alzheimer?s disease.
  • In certain instances; socialising increases your self confidence and esteem by kicking out your shyness in a gathering.
  • It promotes happiness and allows you stay in touch with friends and family.
  • To some extent it eradicates the feeling of loneliness.
  • Socialising improves your mental functioning by constantly engaging and exercising your mind. (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by SAGE.)
  • It allows you promote your brand of business, skills, trade and where social networks are involved, create an online presence.
  • It enhances the feeling of being loved and provides physical, emotional and spiritual support.
  • It increases your sphere of influence as a result of various networks or groups formed.
  • It allows you experience friendship at its best

The big question for the day is Are You An Outgoing Socialiser Or A Sofaliser?

It has its advantages and disadvantages, but the crux of the matter is YOU MUST SOCIALISE.