How you can motivate yourself and the importance of it

The Importance of Motivation


Don?t you agree that motivation is one of the best tools to success?  Don?t you agree with me that without being motivated, we won?t accomplish much?

When you are motivated, you have more energy.  When you are not motivated, you don?t feel like doing anything.  You energy will be low, your performance will be poor, and you won?t be able to concentrate on your goals.

Motivation is the inner feeling that makes you do something.  Without this inner emotion, which I call burning desire, you won?t feel like doing anything or going after your goals.  Without having a burning desire, you won?t enjoy life and you could face depression if you feel your life is becoming dull and you have not accomplished much in life. 

Studies and research show that there are three kinds of motivation that human beings need to be aware of:

1.  Motivation for survival

We all have needs to stay alive.  The motivation to stay alive forces us to satisfy our basic needs such as food, water, and air.  For example, if you stay without food or water for many days, you will get sick since you have not satisfied your body with the needed food and water and without air, you won?t live more than a few minutes. 

Let me ask you, if you go home after a long day from work not feeling well and suddenly, someone yells ?there is a thief in the house? what will you do?  Will you stay lying down since you don?t have any energy to get up or will you get up right away to find the thief?  Of course, you would get up right away to find the thief and to make sure he doesn?t steal anything from your house.

2.  External Motivation

These are the kind of motivations we get from outside sources such as our parents, friends, managers, and teachers.  The problem with the external motivations is that they don?t last for ever.

3.  Internal Motivation

This is the strongest kind of motivation.  The internal motivation is the kind of motivation that makes you do your job at an excellent and high level. 

To achieve the highest level of motivation, follow the below steps:

  •  Write down the goals that you want to accomplish.
  • Make a list of things you intend to buy for yourself. 
  • Each time you accomplish something; buy yourself something from the list you wrote in the previous step.
  • Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals and always look at the end result.

Do the above steps daily and make sure that your emotions are full of happiness and optimism when you do these steps.  Once you follow the above steps, you will soon find that your motivation level has increased. 

Always remember what Stephen Covey said about strongest type of motivation, ?Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.