10 tips to become daft

Useful Ways To Become DAFT!!!



Hee.. Hee!!! It?s one of those days were there?s a bit of wordplay hovering round my head. Forgive me if this title upsets or offends you; it wasn?t my intention to do so.

Please Note: This article is strictly for personal development and the word DAFT is an acronym for D-Determined A-Authentic F-Focused and T-Thankful, so the topic should now be read as Useful Ways To Become Determined, Authentic, Focused and Thankful.

The aim of this post is to turn the searchlight on these factors which I believe will enhance your personal growth and development.

The post in context:

D) Determined/Determination

This involves defined intentions in order to arrive at certain decisions for achieving success.

It can be achieved by:

Being Consistent: Learn to deal with procrastination, self denial, discouragement….. .. by showing consistency in your character, decisions, mode of communication, conversation and way of living.

Thinking Carefully: Approach important decisions with caution. Think carefully about the risks involved before going ahead with it. Avoid being pressurized into doing things against your will. Try as much as possible to gain control of your emotions and not be easily influenced by the negative environments/conditions around you. Seek wise counsel where necessary.

Managing Your Time Effectively: Proper time management is essential for accomplishing any task. It allows you keep track of your progress and as a result motivates you to success.

Defining Your Goals: Break down your goals into simple but manageable units which can be achieved easily. Starting with the easier goals could give you the momentum required to tackle harder goals and achieve them. Stick to your goals, work hard at it and imagine the number of opportunities that can be achieved when you turn out successful. .

A) Authentic

Merriam Webster?s Dictionary defines the word authentic as being true to ones own personality. It is not false or copied but genuine and real.

Here are a few ways to be authentic:

Know who you are: Know who/what you are, where you come from, your background and upbringing. Know who/what you represent. If you fail to acknowledge and gather understanding about whom you are, what your talents and skills are?. it may be difficult accomplishing anything in life or becoming motivated to making progress in your life.

Wake up and smell the coffee, stop living in someone else?s shadows. Choose to live life for the right reasons.

Show accountability: Take responsibility for all your actions either positive or negative. It fosters your personal growth and development. If you can; know what to say, when to say, how to say and when to do what you say. Display integrity, be known to keep your words, promises and show some responsibility.

Fight your obsessions: The word fight is used to emphasize the importance of dealing with your obsessions. Obsessions could be catastrophic if not managed properly. Handling your obsessions properly reduces the risk of falling into dangerous addictions such as excessive spending, shopping, gambling, sex, drug abuse etc.

Be Tolerant: I know there are quite a few people who can be totally annoying and energy drainers but my focus isn?t to resolve those kinds of relationships rather, it?s to remind you of the basic attitudes in relating with people such as forgiveness, compassion, understanding?. When you build your tolerance level, you create an opportunity for building positive relationships.

Keep your ego in check: This is a very important factor in being authentic. Your huge ego could prevent you from building good or lasting relationships. It could also get in get in your way of progress. Try as much as possible to keep a TAB on your ego.

F) Focused

This involves placing emphasis or concentrating on the things, habits or actions required to bring about success.

It can be achieved by:

Understanding Your Vision: It is important you find out, understand and clarify what your vision really is. Understanding your vision helps in identifying your long or short term goals which aids in discovering your life?s purpose.

Formulate Your Daily Goals: Come up with a plan for achieving success. List all the necessary elements involved in bringing about the desired level of success. Setting objectives are the steps you take in order to reach your goals

Prioritize: Learn to prioritize your daily activities moving from simple to complex and from those with more importance to those of less importance.

Don?t Be Afraid Of Failing: Understand failures will occur and it?s an opportunity to show some improvement.

Learn to work with and keep to deadlines: Have goal oriented targets that are feasible and realistic. Deadlines keep you focused, create a target driven mentality and above all gives you reasons for making progress.

Build Positive Relationships: Learn to connect with people of like minds who understand and appreciate the value you place on your goals.

Curb your distractions: There are so many things crying out for your attention. Just switch on the television and you would see what I mean. Be very selective of what you get involved in and learn to create a productive environment which yields positive results enhancing your personal growth and development.

Celebrate your achievements: Feel good about how much progress you?ve made and what steps were involved in getting you there. Celebrate your achievements no matter how little they seem. This is an important factor in getting you motivated to do something again.

T) Thoughtful

This involves showing concerns for the rights and feelings of others.

Theodore Roosevelt states; Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.

The effects of being thoughtful affects a persons life in a positive and meaningful way.

Below are guidelines for being thoughtful:

  • Learn to be humble and show modesty in all your endeavours.
  • Show love and be charitable without ultimately expecting anything in return.
  • Think about what you say or do and how it might affect others.
  • Show a bit on consideration when doing things.
  • Don?t do things or take certain actions to your detriment emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Flash a loving smile; say a pleasant word to someone.
  • Show politeness
  • Remember to say please, excuse me and thank you.
  • Send cards or gifts to friends and family.
  • Do things that could help others or brighten their days.

A quick reminder: the aim of this post is to highlight a few ways to be determined, authentic, focused and thoughtful.

There are other examples; it would be great to hear from you.