The importance of valuing relationships

Valuing Relationships

Please Note: This is a very lengthy article but it’s important I write/share all that’s on my mind today.

The last 8 weeks have been filled with accepting more responsibilities at work, taking care of the family, building my practice blah!! blah!! so it’s not given me so much time to juggle everything around with reference to visiting blogs often(although there’s always a sudden burst of comments once I have read through articles during my spare time) or dealing with blog requests.

However, I’m getting into the swing of things and is trying to manage my time properly.

Today I want to focus on the online relationships I’ve developed and established in the past year.

Although I haven’t had the privilege of meeting most of them in person, their contributions to the blog, magazine and some aspects of my personal life has been worthwhile.

It’s absolutely important they are CELEBRATED on this blog because they’ve clearly provided some form of support system.

Steve Aitchision: I came in contact with Steve browsing through several blogs and asked if he wouldn’t mind me guest posting on his blog.

I would always remember the feeling of getting my first comment on a blog…..(it was priceless).  Steve gave me a lot of guidance on how to build a blog and always emphasized the importance of sticking to ones’ style(although there’s room for exceptions). We also started a ‘program called ‘Ask The Coach which was really successful in terms of the feedback received.

Steve: I know you are very busy at the moment but; you are certainly reaping the rewards of the fruitful seeds you’ve sown. Thanks for giving me the platform to express my thoughts/approach on your blog, it’s certainly made a difference today.

Dominique Small: I came across Dominique’s blog and one thing that has always fascinated and drawn me towards her is the determination to live life and stay on top of issues no matter the circumstances. She’s has so many creative ideas and she was responsible( and is still)for coordinating the bumper& Christmas issues of the life skills magazine with her friends.

Dominique: You are one rare gem and my sincere apologies for the silence in the last 4/5 weeks.

Stuart Mills: I got to know Stuart a few months ago and believe me he’s supported the blog and magazine in tremendous ways. He’s helped the magazine grow by contributing articles each month and having his own column. I can relate with him because we share similar experiences and I guess this is what makes his blog simple, easy to read and understand

Stuart: Stu, I’m so grateful for all you’ve done and whenever you are in London holla at your boy!! Love to Sam.

Jk Allen: Hmmh!! Where do I start from? Is it giving him short notices for articles scheduled to be published on the magazine, or my constant pestering in emails…..

You know you are the man!!. I won’t forget the mail you sent, wishing me a happy fathers day. I never thought of such gestures to my friends online but you showed me a different approach and my conclusions are: Some online friendships stretch far and  go against the norm, stereotypes or traditions by actually providing a personal touch in growing relationships.(This is you JK)

I love what you do, your drive, motivation, ethics…. and the hustle(You’ve created a brand for the term ‘HUSTLE’)

JK: I said this to Stu a while back; in the words of Heavy Dee ‘I’ve got nothing but love for you.’ Love to the family.


Evan Hadkins: I joined the problogger forum a while back and put an ad requesting for bloggers participate in building the life skills magazine. It was an idea I had and thought it would make so many ears itch but was wrong.

I received mails stating how unreasonable it was, why it wouldn’t work, why it was a waste of time, there was no money to be made from the venture…….

Hmmh!! 18 editions down the line and the 19th one being published next week,I have Evan to thank, for being the ONLY person to show interest at that time. This makes him one of the pioneers of the magazine.

Evan: There’s a lot to learn from you/your blog and I’m so grateful for your words of wisdom, support and contributions to the magazine each month.


John Sherry: I met John two weeks ago and I had a great time as we planned to take over the world laugh!! We also had long walks and engaging talks and the cafes were fantastic. What you read on Johns blog is certainly what you see in person. He’s down to earth, very calm and loves COFFEE SHOPS!!

I trust your transition will work out because you’ve worked hard for it. If there’s anything I can do on the blog/magazine/station, please let me know. (Which reminds me i need to send you a file)

John: You are a true gentleman and it was honour meeting you.

Frank Jennings: Frank, Frank. You are one heck of a story teller and has written so many touching as well as challenging posts on your blog. The light house is a winner on my blog any day and its gathered so much traffic.

Lately you’ve started infusing a bit of comedy in your articles and it’s really growing on me.

A big thank you for all the contributions to the magazine, guest posts on the blog, tweets/retweets……..

Frank: You’ve always given your honest opinion and I truly value them.

Dia Thabet: A Confession; I’m always happy to read/see Dia on the blog because most times he’s the first to leave a comment and I was worried a few weeks ago(thought he got bored of the blog) because I hadn’t seen or heard from him.(He was on holidays laugh!!)

Dia: Thanks for you do in promoting this blog; I really appreciate it.

Sibyl Chavis: Now Sibyl is a lady after my heart. I haven?t been too faithful in the last few weeks with reference to visiting her blog and reading her articles but that will soon change as I get into the full swing of things.

If you are really keen on personal development and growth, I suggest you run to Sibyls blog because it’ a fountain of knowledge.

Sibyl: I trust that the risks you’ve taken and your future plans will work in your favour always.

Barbara Zarrella: I visited Barbara?s blog not too long ago; we’ve also exchanged emails on a few occasions and one thing that stands out is her humility for which I have the utmost respect for.

Barbara: You may not realise but your article on mindfulness the way of life, gave rise to the whole theme for the 17th edition of the magazine.

El Edwards: El’s the hostess of happiness and she expresses all thats on her mind in her daily dose of impassionate. El is a generous giver and I have been fortunate to receive from her. If you want to add some sparkle to your life, I suggest you listen to Els podcasts.

El: Thanks for allowing me air your podcasts on the purpose station. I really appreciate your kind getsures.

Melody Fletcher: I stumbled on Melody?s’ blog not too long ago and she’s truly amazing. Her comments on my blog are always appreciated and I’m drawn to a lot of what she writes despite being a law of attraction skeptic (sorry Melody laugh!!). She puts a lot of work and effort in her articles and focuses on real issues. From the bit I know Melody is certainly full of life.

Melody: Thanks for all you do and don?t forget my request for the magazine please (laugh!!)

Debbie Bills: For me, Debbie is the wise one. She is so simple, compassionate and straight to point. I recommend her blog to anyone because it’s filled with nuggets for improving our daily lives, relationships, happiness……

She also compiled an ebook and I was given the opportunity to be part of it.

Debbie: Thanks for your lovely comments on the blog and also for giving me that opportunity to be part of your free ebook/guide.

Ken Wert: If you are looking for a blog with so much depth, it’s got to be Ken?s blog. I was introduced to Kens blog not too long ago by Dia, we’ve exchanged emails on 2/3 occasions and I must say he is a lovely man. I am hoping that the connection established will grow from strength to strength.

Ken: I’ve spotted a few things on your blog that has given me ideas for future projects. A big thank you  in advance for contributing to the life skills magazine this month.

Linda Hewett: I read a guest post of Linda on a blog(can’t remember right now) and suddenly felt a chill down my spine because she had lived all that she was talking about. I sent her a mail asking if she wouldnt mind contributing to the magazine and her response was warm and friendly.

She birthed The Positive spin Column on the magazine and 4 journals down the line, it’s growing stronger in each edition.
Linda: Thanks for sharing your journals on the blog and magazine. I believe it’s making a tremendous impact and providing a huge form of encouragement.

Karen Cripps: I absolutely adore Karen. Trust me if you want to gain motivation, laugh, learn about fashion and style  or know a bit more about decorating your home, places to visit..(the list is endless….) then Karen is the lady for you.
Karen checks on me when she can and I won’t forget her encouraging mail which provided some support during the period I was slated for generating airy fairy topics as well as being a waste of space laugh!!!

She started the trend of ‘mr smiley hmmh!! (to be honest I don’t smile that much(John Sherry give your verdict please).

I’ve never met her but I can tell she’s so lovely.

Karen: I wish you all the good things that life has to offer and hopes that the recovery programme turns out the way you expect it to. Lots of love.

Emma(Clearly Composed):

Oh! Emma, where have you been? This is one lady I have so much respect for. She’s nice, friendly, very caring……

She has also on a few occasions checked on my welfare using twitter; now that?s what I call using social media constructively.

Emma: Although you are on a break CC, I really, really appreciate you and you all do.

Bryan Thompson: I?ve always wondered what it’s like pastoring a church. Although he?s been on and off the scene, he?s certainly not missing in action. Bryans a lovely guy and has showed me so much kindness by granting me the permission to publish each article in his ebook in the magazine.

Bryan: I hope you are enjoying your current time of service and I trust you would grow in strength. You are a top bloke. Take care.


I intend building new relationships online as the days, weeks and months go by, but in the meantime I felt it would be ideal and appropriate celebrating the people who have contributed to my online growth and development.

I?m blessed and fortunate to have crossed your paths and certainly wouldn?t take the connections made for granted.

Thanks for all you do.