What to do if you want to improve all of your relationships

What Can You Do To Improve Your Relationships?


I intended to take a break from blogging on relationships for a while, but I couldn?t resist the temptation after listening to one of my favourite radio presenters James O?Brien (LBC 97.3fm) on Friday, discussing how eating at the dining table with your spouse, partner, children, friends… builds healthy relationships.

Many callers to the show said eating at the dining table together promotes healthy conversations, increases bonding, improves concentration etc.

The concept of this post isn?t to promote self righteous acts, but create an avenue for you to think on ways to improve your relationships with friends, family, spouses, colleagues etc or find out different ways your relationships with people have fared better as a result of a conscious decision or effort to do something new.

I remember a rare occasion during the Christmas holidays, the whole family slept together in the living room. It was so much fun for my three year old son because he could stay up later than usual, have us read his bedtime stories on the floor and tell us more imaginary stories about fireman Sam. My 5month old daughter showed so much excitement by blowing bubbles and rattling her toys.  It gave us more time to talk to each other, reflect and allow our thoughts wander away into…….

As a result we?ve decided to continue with this routine every Friday and we?ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Listening to James O?Brien and several callers highlighting the benefits of eating at the dining table together such as discussing the events of the day, having a laugh, relaxing, children picking up proper table manners etc, I?ve decided to give it a shot on weekends with the kids (breakfast & lunch) and 3-4 nights with my wifey loll!!!

Remember: The context of the post is to look for creative ways to build healthier relationships with people that affect your life daily.

The benefits of improving your relationships are as follows:

  • It increases communication.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It builds trust.
  • It allows you share each other?s burdens with a view to lifting your spirits.
  • It enables you spend quality time with each other.
  • You become enlightened on several issues you have no knowledge of.
  • You find a helping hand when you are in need.
  • It brings about happiness and excitement.

These and many more…….

Eating at the dining table isn?t the only way to build healthier relationships.

Have you got anymore ideas or tips?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.