What is your purpose in life?

What is my purpose in life?


We often find ourselves asking, what the purpose of life is, why we exist, what life is all about? There isn?t one definitive answer to these question, because we are people of different backgrounds, upbringing, race, sex etc. Due to our complex nature we resort turning to various ideals such as religion, relationships, work, politics, coaching, counselling, various self help books/methods, …. to help us find answers which aid in finding out the purpose of life.

There are various schools of thought on purpose. Some believe it is inherited, others believe it?s a matter of choice and some are of the opinion God assigns purpose to us and it?s our duty is to fulfill it.
The purpose created for your life may be exclusive or unique to you. It may also be something shared with other people.

Below are a few tips which aid in finding out the purpose of life.


Change is a constant thing in life. There?s a possibility what was applicable in the year 2006 may not necessarily be useful or practiced today. The world is forever developing, new ideas are springing up, children are being born, people are dying, the economy is unstable….and we as individuals need to adapt quickly or be left behind. In the context of discovering our purpose, if we take steps, exhibit certain characters and they don?t give rise to any positive result or move us towards our purpose, it may be time to look into DOING SOMETHING NEW.

Doing something new could create a window of opportunities, build better relationships, enhance ones self confidence, give rise to new experiences, take us out of the feeling of stagnation and despair. It may be instrumental to finding out the purpose of life. Exposure to new things/ideas could enlighten us and position us in the right direction to discover purpose.

Of course there are certain measures to be taken, because of the risks involved and success can?t be guaranteed, but it?s worth the investment because of the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction derived knowing you have made an effort to do something new which improves your chances of finding out your purpose.


There are new things to learn, borders to be crossed, boundaries to be broken each day. Learning is finding, creating and implementing new discoveries either about the world, the environment or most importantly OURSELVES. It lays a foundation for living, creates insights into your way of life and helps you find a purpose.

An important factor in finding your purpose is learning about yourself, your views, the beliefs you hold and what?s important to you. Your level of knowledge interprets your life experiences, forming your perception to life and issues surrounding you.

Learning is a continuous process and the moment we stop learning we stop seeing possibilities.


Many times we get caught up in our work, families, children, circumstances, the economy, our personal achievements/ failures; we don?t take time out to APPRECIATE OURSELVES. We are concerned about what to do, what we have/don?t have, our limitations, failures and this only drives us crazy. We blame ourselves for things not happening the way they should, forgetting we have no control of future events. We need to take things one step at a time not being in a rush because the end result is FRUSTRATION.

There?s absolutely nothing wrong being goal oriented, caring, determined, and driven by success but GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Take time out to relax, rest or you will burn out not having any strength to find out your purpose.

Know this: ?You are important to yourself and you are important to others?, for this reason give yourself a break, be enlightened, undergo personal improvement and self discovery.

In creating a purpose for your life, you need to be aware of what things, values, concepts and outcomes you feel are important.


Optimism by definition is being positive about life. We either see the glass half empty or half full and there are obstacles/challenges we face as we journey through life.
Being negative about finding out our purpose will only ensure we keep circling round our feelings of doubt, low self esteem/ self worth and inadequacies. It doesn?t facilitate any change or positive development.

It is hard to find or create a purpose in your life if you are not positive about it. In creating a purpose driven life we need to:

Think positively. (Avoid people, situations that give rise to negative thoughts or setbacks)
Try as much as possible to stay calm & collected when faced with difficult issues.
Building positive relationships with people, friends, family, and colleagues.
Take positive steps to bring about the desired outcome.

I intend to highlight on a few more tips as the days/weeks/ go by.

In the meantime you are more than welcome to make any contributions to this topic.