Joining the journey & meeting the destination

Why The Journey IS The Destination



 As John always says, “Life is all about the FUNdamentals!”

Within personal development you will often be encouraged to have goals.

Big dreams, aspirations and hopes to aim for. To reach for. To follow, activate, hit and bring to reality. Personal special destinations that say, ‘You’ve made it. You are a winner!’

Champagne corks go off. Parties are held. Whoops for joy with smiles and laughter everywhere. Sometimes awards and rewards recieved.

You’ve done it. You are here. Journey’s end. Yes! And that’s just it. The end of the journey. The trek through time, challenges and yourself. A test. A quest. A demand of your very best. With lessons, hardships, discoveries and ‘aha’ moments on the way.

The destination is the final step where glory awaits, that?s undeniable, but the journey is the true accomplishment. The journey is where you really hit the heights.

The journey takes you there

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome
Tennis legend, Arthur Ashe

Saying that reaching the destination is more important than the journey that gets you there is like saying that eating a meal is more important than the ingredients and artful cooking that created it. The craftsmanship in the cuisine is the joy in the journey. The authentic recipe for personal growth and life improvement. It’s the journey that makes the result all the sweeter.

By reaching a final magnificent goal your journey has been a success. Whatever the route you took (and you guarantee it wasn’t direct, straight forwards or even planned at times) the journey has had a result. Maybe on the way you got lost. Perhaps you wanted to give up. You may even have thrown any map you had away and trusted to instincts (thereby commencing another journey) but they are all part of the expedition. It’s all you’ve been through that makes the end worthwhile.

Ordinary journeys, extraordinary effects

Sir Edmund Hilary only made it to the summit of Everest by conquering it on the climb. Nelson Mandela had his journey on the long walk to freedom in jail. Rosa Parks via being thrown off a bus for daring to sit in a whites only seat in 1950’s America. Results and changes that became memorable and life changing through journeys that examined the person to see what they were made of. Yet also made heroes of ordinary folk. Everyday journeymen and women folk just like you.

The joys that are the journey

What is so good about the journey you may ask? Why does it matter more than reaching the promised land of a chosen dream?

Here are the joys of the journey:

  • The discovery of what you are capable of, your strengths, untapped resources and unknown skills
  • It ensures what you want and are ready to work for or struggle through to get
  • Provides an amazing landscape of views, scenery and new horizons even if they are just mental or emotional
  • Takes you to new territory, new people, new philosopies and new lifestyles
  • It demands that you expand your outlook, update your mindset and keep an open mind
  • Everyday is new, fresh and full of unexplored potential
  • It changes the very world you live in, never to return

If you have a destination in mind then be prepared for the journey that comes first. For no matter where you end up, it is the discoveries on the way that will always make the difference. The road to success is being on it, not neccessarily finishing it.